Website Design for SingPost celebrating 160 years of Singapore's Postal Service.

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Encourage the community to revisit the history of Singapore’s Postal Service, learn how SingPost has transformed over the last 160 years, and celebrate the journey with SingPost together.



In a creative opening workshop, we worked closely with the client to sort out documentary materials such as photos, films, articles, and newspaper, optimizing the information based on the timeline and themes.


Milestones Page: Stories moving through time (1800s–2018)—we presented long history in an interesting and engaging way by integrating concise messages, playful colours, relevant images, modern type and thoughtful composition. This page’s main feature is parallax scrolling, click here to view it


Transformation Page: The most significant transformations are Post Offices, Uniforms, Post Boxes, Bikes, Vans, and Mail Sorting.