Wayfinding and signage design for Singapore’s pioneering flexible office space provider and Google for Startups’ 1st Southeast Asian partner.

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Found. is refining itself as a network of innovation campuses where ambitious entrepreneurs and corporates find coaching, expertise, and partners to create future-ready solutions.


As the Found. community grows, a new flagship innovation campus on Amoy Street will be open in 2019! By collaborating with Architects, Designers, and the Found team, we developed detailed material palettes, wayfinding signage to effectively communicate interaction and design ideas, as well to guide the community through the new space.

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The form of the directional signage was inspired by the Found. logo. Two inverse dots of the same size inside the “o” and the “d” are complemented each other representing the idea of bringing opposites together—lost and found.


A large totem screen is placed on the wall next to the elevator on every floor. It not only functions as a directory, but also displays key events of the week that will be held in Found. The interactive layout was designed to be easy for the Found. Team to update contents weekly on its own.

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Facade signage was constructed by 2mm thick Indigo aluminium panel with stencil cut-out logo in powder coated finish C/W 3mm thick lighted white acrylic with front translucent vinyl sticker. LED lighting is inside all facade signage.

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Integrating types, “ PASSION LED US HERE ” to the pendant light

Integrating types, “PASSION LED US HERE” to the pendant light



This was a very interesting wayfinding project where I learned to communicate with the client from day one, making sure everyone knew what stage the project was at and having regular feedback loops. During the creative process, starting from initial research and exploration all the way through to execution, I gained experience collaborating with the interior design and production teams to ensure the wayfinding system would stay consistent with the design direction, integrating the environmental graphic assets and ensuring of the overall quality of the project. The construction team is currently finishing up polishing the space and Found. will be open to the public in 2019!