Codename clothing brand

Brand identity, advertising campaign, packaging, and name for a streetwear startup in the bay area.


Codename is dedicated to inspiring customers through its creative branding. Our apparel embodies our company values of originality, vitality, and quality. We believe in individual creativity and self-expression. Through Codename, we promote participating local artists’ individual and unique design collections by incorporating their designs into our brand. Through Collaboration, we strive to build and foster the local street art scene.




Target Audience

target audience-01.png

S.W.O.T. Analysis


Budget Breakdown

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We want to make sure our customers feel connected with our brand, so we not only provide good customer service but also nice packaging for them.  

  1. Shipping box: Made out of white corrugated board, which is renewable. 93% could be recycled to make new boxes.

  2. Clothing tag: The graphic would be varied depends on the collection our customers purchased.

  3. Collection card: The front graphics are also varied, and there is a free shipping code on the back of the card to keep our customers coming back.


Campaign Advertising


Pop Up Shop

Every half a year, we open a one-week pop up shop in different major cities in the United States to promote our brand to local communities. We design special events like raffles, limited item giveaway, and live DJ to attract people to join our gathering.